Ask Questions to Build Credibility

Ask Questions to Build Credibility

Asking questions builds more credibility than presenting facts or making statements.  How would you feel if your doctor started the conversation with your nose is red you look like you have a headache.  I am going to give you this shot   A good doctor will start the conversation with diagnostic questions such as what brought you into the office or on a scale of 1-10 can you rate your pain?  In the same way a great consultant or sales person builds credibility and later a relationship by asking great questions

Motivation, what is your source?

Most people who achieve great things had a negative experience that shaped their motivation.   For instance Daren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, started out trying prove himself to his dad.  Eventually when you have had some success, it is time move up on Maslow's hierarchy of needs.   You should increase your motivation with things like helping others or a cause greater than yourself

Authors, Speakers and Influencers


Learning is a life long passion.  I learn by observing, reading and listening.  When given the opportunity, I spend time with great leaders.  Since I don't always get to spend time with great leaders, I have read hundreds of books.  I am always on the hunt for the best of books, podcasts, videos and any other opportunities to challenge myself to grow.  Below is my list of great authors, speakers and influencers.  Please feel free to share your list.  This is a list that I will update on a period basis.

  1. Dave Ramsey -Money Expert, Entrepreneur, Author
  2. Seth Godin- Blogger, Marketing Guru, Author
  3. Daren Hardy -Editor of Success Magazine
  4. Tom Mendoza-I learned a lot about leadership working for Tom @NetApp
  5. Keith Ferazzi -Author of Who's Got Your Back
  6. John Maxwell -Author, Speaker and Leadership Expert
  7. Brené Brown -I was heavily influenced by her 2009 Ted Talk The Power of Vulnerability
  8. Patrick Lencioni -Author of The Advantage
  9. Jim Collins -Business Author
  10. Sally Hogshead- Author of The Fascination Advantage and Marketing Expert
  11. Stephen Mansfield -Brilliant Author and Speaker
  12. Mark J. Silverman -Author of Only 10s, Mark left technology to pursue coaching and share what he has learned.
  13. Ben Carson -Author, Retired Neurosurgeon and Presidential Candidate