Motivation, what is your source?

climbing motivation
climbing motivation

Most people who achieve great things had a negative experience that shaped their motivation.   For instance Daren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, started out trying prove himself to his dad.  Eventually when you have had some success, it is time move up on Maslow's hierarchy of needs.   You should increase your motivation with things like helping others or a cause greater than yourself.

It has been said that you need to put on your oxygen mask, before you put on the mask of others.  Once you get your oxygen mask on it is time to give back.

As you grow and a person and a professional, you should learn that what you sought in achievement did not make you truly happy. It is not until you are motivated by a cause bigger than yourself you are really can enjoy your achievements.

If you are looking for a good book that will help you grasp this concept I recommend Tribal Leadership.  The book references 5 stages of tribal cultures.  Stage 4 and 5 leaders have helped their teams move from the language and subsequently culture of "I" to the language of "we".

What motivates you?