Performance Review-Extended Team

I have been blessed to be part of two very successful companies in my career and have been well rewarded for my achievements.   My work has been featured in industry publications, I have gone on numerous reward trips and I have had the opportunity to make significant contributions to the growth of business.  Everything I have accomplished has been in the context of a great team.  Those who know me in my business life might be unaware of someone in my extended team that is key to my success.

Beth, my wife of more than 15 years, is the best wife and a great mother.  She chose to take a sabbatical from her career as a very successful pharmaceutical sales representative in order to focus her energy on motherhood.  Below are a sample of traits that makes her performance spectacular.

1.      I can trust her to make great decisions.

2.      Our books are balanced to the penny.

3.      We spend less than we make, allowing us to save and give.

4.      Beth is a master relationship coach for our two daughters.

5.      Our house is a warm and inviting place for friends and family.

6.      Beth stays up late and wakes up early.

7.      She tutors our girls in spelling and math.

8.      Beth invests time with the sick, hurting, and poor.

9.      She does not complain when I work late or travel.

10.   Beth maintains a master schedule for the household.

Who do you have to thank for your career success?  Is it a father, mother, uncle, or husband?  Don't forget to give them the performance review and accolades they deserve.