About The Network

The network is about the guy that needs a large stage to have his talk recorded, as much as it is about the woman that is looking for a free way to get the job training needed to work with SharePoint.  The network is about the sales rep trying to get a meeting with the CFO, but it is also about helping that CFO find his new I.T. director.  The network is about finding meaning in your work, making a difference and enjoying that human connection.  The network is your band of brothers, your mentors or your lifelines.

I have been given a mission from God.  My mission is to help one hundred people change the trajectory of their careers in the next ten years.  What is your mission?  How will the network satisfy your need to do something great? 

What are the qualities of the people in the network?

1.     They have an abundance mindset.

2.     They want to share their unique ability.

3.     They have a purpose or a seeking a purpose greater than themselves.

4.     They want to invest in the future and in others in the network.

5.     They believe a great team can create exponential growth.

In the future I look forward to planning events and programs to give you an outlet.  If you are interested connect with me on LinkedIn or share your ideas via the contact form.