7 Tips to Improve How You Say It

If you follow my blog, you know that I am regular listener of the EntreLeadership Podcast.   The host, Ken Coleman interviews many great leaders and authors.  In a recent episode,   Ken shared his ideas on how to improve how you say it.   My summary is below.

  1. Work on enunciation
  2. Vary your pace
  3. Master the use the pause
  4. Practice use of changes in intonation
  5. Work on getting rid of fillers and crutch words
  6. Show energy or passion
  7. Combine two of the above such as change of pace followed by pause for even more emphasis

Early in my career I had to um, ah, practice not using filler words.   I also had to get confortable using the pause.  If you did not have a chance to listen, I recommend you listen to the podcast starting at 36:39.

One technique that has helped me, has been to record my presentations on my iPhone and listen to myself talk.  This has help me improve tremendously.   Another technique has been to practice my presentations standing up or even in front of a mirror.   What do you do to improve how you say it?