About Kurt Greening


Kurt the guy you want to know when you are trying to grow your company or take your career to the next level.  He is a business leader capable of bringing transformational results and creating momentum.  He has helped hundreds of companies and individuals grow their companies and their careers.

His expertise includes leadership, team building, and digital transformation.  In addition, his technology experience includes cloud technologies, DevSecOps, inbound marketing, and other disruptive technologies.  Kurt is a loyal friend and can be counted on to set and achieve big goals.

Kurt has an MBA and has over 20 years experience leading sales teams and line of business operations. While working at NetApp, the company grew from 800M to over 6B, making it one of the 5 fastest growing companies with over one Billion in annual sales.  While at Xgility, his team grew revenue 5x and the company was listed on the Inc 5000 three times.   He currently leads the Federal and SouthEast teams for Puppet.

His interests outside of work include fatherhood, learning, reading, mentoring, and water-sports. 


Kurt was the best sales manager I ever worked for. As part of onboarding, he taught me the reference selling model, the partner leverage model and how to use our products to provide value to our customers. As I learned the job he knew when to stay out of the way and when to help remove obstacles.
— Adam Burton
Kurt is the consummate professional and continues to be a great asset to our exponential growth. He understands our business and has gone above and beyond the call of duty several times when we simply could not get the job done. Simply the best vendor relationship I have.
— Jonathan Beverly
Kurt Greening is simply one of the best sales managers I have ever worked with. He has been able to translate his considerable success as a sales representative into this new role, guiding his team to tremendous success. I have seen Kurt help struggling reps turn things around by assessing their performance and helping them to see where they could change for the better. The result, overachievement every year and each member of his team, better for the experience.
— Mark J. Silverman

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